„Spirit Hotel***** has won Hotel of the Year Award in Hungary in consecutive years, Travelers Choice and Excellence Awards on TripAdvisor in 2014, 2015.

As the saying goes: staying on top is the hardest. Therefore we always aim to set the bar higher and higher. Buying into the mentality that DrySec™ stands for was really easy though: fulfilling guest needs and saving water at the

same time is a great combination for our hotel!”


Hotel Spirit

"Kárpátia is one of the oldest and most acknowledged restaurants in Budapest. Our guests come first on every level and we aim to give them that well-needed attention in every area, naturally also in our restrooms. Installing DrySec™ had an unexpected effect on our male guests, even inspiring them to give us verbal feedback of appreciation. After a bit of initial hesitance, I can say that DrySec™ really is the missing piece!"


Dr. Akos Niklai owner, director

Karpatia Restaurant

“Kaltenberg Brewery and Restaurant hosts about 100 000 guests annually, from which 90% are visiting tourists and foreigners from all corners of the world. Since we installed DrySec™ men of all nations use the dispensers, ask about them and take pictures, because they haven’t seen anything like it. Excellent addition to our service and great marketing for our restaurant!”


Daniel Papp, owner

Kaltenberg Brewery and Restaurant

„DrySec™ is an addition to our level of service that our competition doesn’t have yet and in an „A” category office building like Bécsi Corner gives tenant companies a feel of extra attention. Employees spend a great part of their lives in the office, therefore use DrySec™ on a regular basis for a daily increase in their personal comfort level. And also talk about the new accessory that appeared in the washroom.”


Gábor Décsi, managing partner

Dome Facility Group

„We have installed DrySec™ in our guest washroom and it’s used with great frequency. Visa applicants or visiting diplomats all get an additional value in service and do appreciate it!”


Dhiman K. Battacharya, First Secretary, Indian Embassy

The more than 100 year old bath is not only famous for its 21 pools supplied with thermal springs stemming 1246 meters below the surface, but also for its castle-like looks and eye-catching interior.


Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Another gem of Budapest, Rudas was originally built by the Turks between 1566 and 1572. Best known for its steam bath, Rudas was totally renovated in 2013.


Rudas Thermal Bath

Situated on the bank area of the Danube, the century old Gellért is also a favorite of Hollywood producers as a backdrop for movies.

Art Nouveau style architecture makes the bathing experience

one you will never forget.


Gellért Hotel and Thermal Bath

Still in its original beauty for the past 130 years, the Opera has been a must-see location from its grand opening in 1884.

If you can’t get tickets for the evening performance, you can still enjoy a guided tour of the gorgeous neo-renaissance building.


The Budapest Opera

Built in the 1910’s Erkel was destinedto serve as the “people’s opera”.

The theatre boasts an auditoriumthat can host 2400 spectators, the

biggest in Europe.


Erkel Theatre

As manufacturers and distributors of DrySec™ we are proud to say that the establishments mentioned have all decided to include DrySec™ in their day-to-day operations. For us it is an honor to support the level of service at such, internationally acclaimed locations.

„We are flattered that 4U-Fitness has decided to join the DrySec™ team with two high-end locations in Tampa! This shows that they are not only pioneering the fitness scene with their ground-breaking E-Fit technology, but are also seeing the future in washroom hygiene.”


Daniel Nyiri, owner, 4U Fitness, Tampa, Florida



DrySec™ is an innovative solution specifially

developed to answer a 21th century demand

in personal male hygiene. DrySec™ is the first

hand-free wipe dispenser and waste container

for urinal-equipped men's restrooms.

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