Intellectual property protection

A few years ago our company has realized and exposed a habbit and the deriving need that hasn’t been done before. We have designed and developed a wipe dispenser and waste collector unit to tend to that need: DrySec™.


DrySec™ is a world-wide novelty specifically developed for urinal use, enabling men to wipe themselves after use.


Since there was no predecessor product whatsoever, it was vital to us to give DrySec™ the protection available in such cases. That is why we have obtained the following for our product:


• 2 individual patents,

• 1 design protection,

• 1 trademark.


Our intellectual property protection network covers good ground, here in Europe and overseas as well. Among others we have a granted U.S. patent.

The cost of building and maintaining such a network is enormous, that is why we are exceptionally grateful to the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary who have contributed greatly to our ensuing expenses in the matter.

We would like to thank the Office for the crucial support!

Project title: Obtaining Patent Protection for DrySec™ Wipe Dispenser and Waste Collector Unit Abroad

Project ID: IPARJOG_15-1-2016-0018

Project end date: May 31, 2017

Amount received: 1 105 073 HUF

Intensity of support: 100%

Beneficiary name: Human Hygiene Solutions LLC.

Project ID: IPARJOG_15-1-2016-0019

Project end date: October 14, 2016

Amount received: 1 956 329 HUF

Intensity of support: 100%

Beneficiary name: András Fodor



DrySec™ is an innovative solution specifially

developed to answer a 21th century demand

in personal male hygiene. DrySec™ is the first

hand-free wipe dispenser and waste container

for urinal-equipped men's restrooms.

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